• Bacon cheeseburger, with fried egg
  • French toast, with strawberry syrup
  • Cheeseburger and fries

Crimson Hearth

About us

Rick Pedersen has a long history of cooking and a passion for bringing people together with a shared meal. Rick opened and ran the Old European Breakfast Houses from 1989-2008 but Crimson Hearth has been his dream restaurant for decades. Having spent much of his childhood on his grandparents' farm in Iowa, many of Rick's recipes, as well as his style of cooking come from his Danish grandmother. Fresh ingredients and cooking in an open hearth oven are important aspects of his cooking that make for unique dishes with unmatched flavor. Rick's son Kaston has been learning all aspects of the family business and excels in his management skills and ability to work with people. With a desire to make fresh, made-from-scratch dishes and to create a warm, welcoming dining experience, Crimson Hearth has become an extension of the Pedersen home- and everyone is welcome.